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Youth Care Projects (YCP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to address the health and development needs of Nigerian youths in a holistic but sustainable manner.  Established in June 1998, YCP has its corporate headquarters in Lagos but runs and maintains projects Youth Development Centre in partnership with other stakeholders.

About Us!

Recreation Activities

Recreational facilities at our Youth Care Center help further development of our youths during their spare time. Facilities include both indoor and outdoor games to ensure a holistic development of the youths social and physical skills.

Holistic Care

Rather than a visit to the clinic or hospital, it is not uncommon for youths to compromise their health by self-medication and purchase from quarks because of the fear of being criticised, we prevent these ills through the partnership with medical and public health professionals.

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Our Approach

YCP in partnership with Ondo East Local Government Area and the Ondo State Government has built and established a Youth Development Center in the state.

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International Student Exchange Program

A year or summer months away can’t be measured in days alone. You’ll only be gone for a couple of months or a year but the experience will enrich the rest of your life. Youth Care Projects NGO work in collaboration to host exchange students

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Community Partners

Community partners, including government agencies, private foundations, and other community groups, provide critical support for Youth Care Projects’ work.

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Community Engagement

Youth Care Projects is committed to advocacy which is the conscious effort aimed at changing public perceptions and influence policy decisions.

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Achievements & Reports

We have over time made significant progress in building and consolidation of our organizational structures as well as in the development of relevant programmes for the youths, in and out of school and churches, at both rural and urban communities to develop self-esteem, improve life skills and a deeper understanding of relationships and sexuality. Programs such as prevention of HIV/AIDs, sexual transmitted diseases STIs, unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion have been undertaken by us and document.

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YCP Programs & Activities

Peer education is a central component of Youth Care Projects program. We adopt peer education as an approach to assisting youths acquire life skills and responsible behavior

To be able to make informed choices and correct decisions at all times, young people are empowered with information, knowledge, and skills.  During the program, YCP affords young people the opportunity to share information on various issues including reproductive health, relationship, abstinence, career choices, sexuality, gender, leadership and other pertaining concerns.

The goal of our optimum healthy program is to produce a healthy life decision and practices among our community. Youth Care Projects have an ongoing wellness program targeting the youths and their families. We provide periodic health education on a variety of programs and health checks with referral facilities to those identified as in need. We also carry an ongoing assessment at all of our outreach stations.

A year or some months away can’t be measured in days alone. You might be gone for a school year or some months during the summer, but the experience will enrich the rest of your life. Living in another country is something most people never have the opportunity to do. You’ll return with new knowledge, new skills, cultural understanding, maturity and lifelong friends from your host country.

Young people need specific skills for future challenges and thriving in the global labour market. Vocational training and skills acquisition training is designed to equip young people with the necessary skills and capacities for self-employment, productive and responsible members of society

Young people’s talents and gifts remain hidden until it is discovered and nurtured. We work with youths and adult to harness their talents and potentials in varied areas such as public speaking, sports, creative writing, fine art, drama, acting, singing, playing musical instruments, radio and TV presentation.

Citizenship means being a member of and supporting one’s community and country.  Every country citizen has certain freedoms which are declared in the Bill of Rights. In addition to these privileges, a citizen has an obligation to be informed, law abiding, and uphold basic democratic principles such as tolerance and civic responsibility. Voting, conserving natural resources, and taking care of oneself are all part of citizenship. In addition, citizens often participate in local community projects dedicated to the common good.

In response to concerns about our youths ethical development, Youth Care Projects is commencing character education programs of which citizenship is a part. Most educators agree that helping children understand their rights and obligations as a Nigerian citizen needs to be reinforced in all grades.

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Program Registration

We operate a first come first served ongoing program registration on all our various services. Once a program is full, you will be slated for the next one and advised accordingly. We advise on early bookings as places fill fast. To book or inquire follow the links below

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Affiliated Programs

Youth Care Projects in collaboration with our regional and international partners organises various programs such as Student Trainee/ Intern Programs, Summer Travel Educational Programs, Employee Skills Development Programs, and much more. To benefit from any of this click the link below

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