About Us


Youth Care Projects (YCP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to address the health and development needs of Nigerian youths in a holistic but sustainable manner.

Established in June 1998, YCP has its corporate headquarters in Lagos but runs and maintains projects Youth Development Centre in partnership with other stakeholders. Currently, YCP has established such centers in various local government areas of Ondo, Kwara and Ekiti State respectively, with a vision to expand to other states of the federation.


Vision Statement.

Our vision is to assist young people to identify and constructively deal with all threats- social, economical, political and cultural- to their development and full self-Realisation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise a generation of healthy, responsible, gender balanced and critically conscious young people who can hold their own in the face of threatening realities.


YCP was founded out of the urgent need to empower young people and ensure their active involvement and participation in addressing and dealing with their own development challenges, issues, and problems.

YCP’s goals and objectives are in line with the overall national strategic policy framework for youth development. As a result, YCP believes that the fate of any nation lies in the strength and aspirations of her youth, and as such, they should be given the opportunity to realize these aspirations and attain their full potentials to be able to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic and political life of their communities.

However, young people today are facing the world that is far different from that of their parents.

Over the past few decades, our communities have undergone tremendous changes and transformation that have affected every area of life including the political, social, health, cultural, environmental and economic spheres and have impacted negatively on the society, and being part of that society, young people are greatly influenced by these changes. For instance the influence of western education and culture has led to a gradual breakdown of our traditional norms and values for guiding young people into healthy, responsible adulthood.n the other hand, the role of the extended family system, which provided support for children’s upbringing in the past, is fast disappearing as communities are losing their men and women who serve as role models to migration. The effect is that the communities are qualitatively different in terms of social characteristics and this changing community profile raises a major issue – the capacity of those remaining within communities to engage young people and adequately serve as change agents.

Other factors such as extreme poverty and economic pressure on families are also affecting young people negatively. Many parents in their bid to earn a decent living have abandoned their young ones either to their own fate or at the mercy house helps and schools that are fast becoming a breeding ground for violence and vices of all sorts. The outcome is an increase in all forms of crime, drug-abuse, cultism, area boys and girls syndrome, moral bankruptcy and the emerging culture of teenage prostitution and homosexuality with their attendant health problems; unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortion, STIs and HIV/AIDS.

YCP, therefore, emerged as a conscious response to these disturbing realities of young people in Nigeria. It strives to improve young people’s health, facilitate their balanced development and build their capacity to lead responsible and productive lives in an increasingly frustrating and hostile environment.