Youth Development Center

Youth Development Centre

YCP in partnership with Ondo East Local Government Area and the Ondo State Government has built and established a Youth Development Center in the state. The multi- purpose Youth Development Center provides a number of services to young people in Bolorunduro community and its environs. The services include the youth-friendly health services, vocational skill acquisition training, a library/information and resource center, computer training, and youth recreational facilities amongst others.

Other activities conducted at the Youth Development Centre include Peer Health Education (PHE), counseling services for young people, adolescence and family life education and citizenship and leadership training.

The Youth Development Center also provide opportunities for young people to come together to work with YCP to harness their talents and potentials in various areas such as public speaking, sports like football, basketball, tennis ball and lawn tennis. Young people are also tutored in areas such as creative writing, fine art, drama/acting, singing and playing of musical instruments.


At the center, YCP works with young people in and out of school to address all issues affecting their growth and development. Through discussion and debates, which are conducted regularly at the center, young people are able to clarify and define their values, build self –esteem, improve their life skills and their understanding of socio –cultural and economic issues

YCP program at the center is conceived to meet the psychological, mental, physiological, and socio-economic development of young people, which will ensure their maximum self- realization and actualization.

Conferences, workshop, seminars, meeting, group discussions and other social activities are conducted at the center.

Also, Youth Development Centre is equipped with basic office furniture, resources, materials like books, magazine, newspaper, and journals in addition to computer systems, audio-visual equipment like televisions, video machines, cassettes and generating set for power supply.